About us

Öko – Caribe S.R.L., a company dedicated to the production of fine flavored cocoa, was constituted in April, 2006. The goal of Öko – Caribe is to improve the quality of organic cocoa and meet the demand of the international market in a globalized world. To ensure a socially and environmentally responsible production, our cocoa has both organic and UTZ certifications.

Its founders and owners, Mr. Gualberto Acebey Torrejón and Mr. Adriano De Jesus Rodriguez, have extensive experience in production, quality improvement and marketing of organic cocoa. The founders have over 20 years of experience working in international renowned institutions and different countries of Latin America.

Our cocoa farmers are part of community farmer associations, which provides a unique vehicle for efficient training and harvesting. For example, working with farmer associations ensures the cocoa reaches the fermentation center in less than 6 hours. The quick transfer of cocoa from farm to fermenting boxes guarantees good fermentation and high quality of cocoa.